Symposium Photos

Dear all,

This year’s Sydney Anthropology Symposium explored

Young Lives, Changing Times: Perspectives on Social Reproduction.

It was a lively and timely event. Over two days, early career researchers and senior scholars from six Australian and two US universities portrayed the diverse pathways of growing up in the contemporary world. The variety of disciplinary backgrounds (anthropology, sociology, political science, cultural studies, geography) matched the variety of research locales and contexts. The speakers portrayed the lives of African migrant youth in Australia, the meaning of violence for young people in a Colombian barrio, ideologies of parenting in the US, the self-understandings of Aboriginal youth in remote Australian communities, the cultural logic in the ‘unruly’ behaviour of young males in Bougainville, the significance of schools as sites of cultural production, the moral encoding of childhood in the context of transnational adoptions, young Indonesians reworking ‘tradition’ as they become cosmopolitan, cultural identification and inventiveness on Easter Island, and legal and ideological constructions of sex work in the Phillipines.

Now that the symposium is over, we want to invite you to have a look at the photos from the conference. All photos were taken during the two days of the symposium in the New Law School Annex of the Sydney University.

All photos courtesy of Ms Maria Fernanda Alvarez Rojas