Symposium – Young Lives, Changing Times

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                                                                          Wednesday 8 June 2011

8.30-9.00am Registration
9.00-9.30am Welcome by Simon Tormey (HoS) and introduction by Ute Eickelkamp (convener)
9.30-10.30am Keynote lecture by Prof Cindi Katz

Accumulation, Excess, and Childhood:Towards a countertopography of risk and waste

10.30-11.00am Morning tea / coffee
11.00 am-1.00pm Panel 1

Abandoned and Betrayed

Discussants: Gary Robinson, Ute Eicklekamp

Allison Pugh

To Raise the Flexible Child:Lessons of commitment and betrayal in postindustrial insecurity

Sonja VanWichelen

Moral Economies of the Adoptee-Body

Helen Berents

We Have Lost So Much in this Barrio:Recognising the intersubjective nature of violence in Colombia through narratives of marginalised young people

1.00-2.00pm Lunch
2.00pm- 3.30pm Panel 2

Negated Identities

Chair: Gaynor Macdonald

Hae Seong Jang
Social Identities of Indigenous People in Their Twenties in Contemporary Australian Society (based on the rural Indigenous community at Yarrabah in Queensland)
Laura Moran

Youth on the Move:Refugees building identities in multicultural Australia

Rosemary Wiss

Red Lights:Sex tourism and trafficking of youth in a Philippines community

4.00-5.30pm Panel 3

Emergent Identities in Multi-cultural Australia

Chair: Linda Connor

María Florencia Amigó

Young lives in a foreign land:experiences and roles of migrant school children in Australia

Kirk Zwangobani

African Australian Youth and Dynamic Identity

Yasmine Musharbash

‘We Walk at Night’:On the Quest of Warlpiri Youth for Their Place in the World

7.00pm Symposium dinner @ Rowda Ya Habibi

Thursday 9 June 2011

8.30-9.00am Registration
9.00-10.00am Keynote lecture by Ass Prof Gary Robinson

The State, Cultural Competence and Child Development:Perspectives on intervention in the North of Australia

10.00-10.30am Morning tea / coffee
10.30am-12.30pm Panel 4

Cultural Revivals

Chair and Discussant: Terry Woronov

Kathryn Robinson

Embracing Cosmopolitan Identities-Changing Youth Culture in an Indonesian Mining Town

Josie Douglas

Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and the Younger Generation in Central Australia

12.30–1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.30pm Panel 5

Cultural Misfits in the Modern World?

Chair: Ute Eickelkamp

Thiago Oppermann

Pipia Mangi:Young Halia men (Buka, PNG) between freedom and impotence

Gillian Cowlishaw

The Politics of Childhood

3.00pm Forum finale

Cindi Katz, Ute Eickelkamp, Gary Robinson, Gillian Cowlishaw