The keynote speakers recommend…

For the extra keen participant, our keynote speakers  suggest the following papers as background readings:

Gary Robinson:

2005. ‘Anthropology, Explanation and Intervention: Risk and Resilience in a Parent- and Child-Focused Program’. Anthropological Forum. Vol. 15, No. 1, March 2005, 3–25

No Way To Be: Violent & Suicidal Youth. Full text

2011. Gary Robinson, Sven Silburn, William Tyler and Yomei Jones, Stephen R. Zubrick. ‘Context, Diversity and Engagement: Early Intervention with Australian Aboriginal Families in Urban and Remote Contexts.’ In Children and Society.

Cindi Katz:

2008. ‘Me and My Monkey. What’s hiding in the security state.’ In: Indefensible Space. The Architecture of the national security state. Michael Sorkin (ed). Routledge. pp 305-323

2008. ‘Childhood as Spectacle: Relays of Anxiety and the Reconfiguration of the Child,’ Cultural Geographies 15(1) (2008): 5-17. Full text

2001. ‘The State Goes Home: Local Hypervigilance and the Global Retreat from Social Reproduction.’ Social Justice. 28(3) (2001): 47-56. (Translated as “Der Terror des Wachsamkeitswahns: Sicherheit und Kinderschutzindustrie in den Vorstädtenin,” Widersprüche [Contradictions] 92 (2004).) [Reprinted in T. Monahan (Ed.) Surveillance and Security: Technological Power and Politics in Everyday Life. New York: Routledge.] Full text


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